Let there be light …

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Launching a new business during a pandemic is not for the faint-hearted, but I have just helped two very dynamic women pursue their project plan with a new website, logo and brand presence on social media.

“… et la lumière fut” is the name of the business – a French idiom which translates to ‘let there be light’ in English. We settled on a more practical name for the English site and social media, and www.lightsinfrance.com really says it all.

As to be expected, there were some hold ups along the way due to shipping issues and lockdown, but www.etlalumierefut.com is now online and these stunning lights are now available in France and ready for use. I went to the launch party last week, to see them for real – they’re huge!

I am really pleased with the logo design (if I say so myself!) – particularly the ‘gif’ version, which is a bit over and above the normal logo set I supply, but seemed very appropriate for this business!

There will be tweaks to the website, of course, but the core elements are up and running and in both languages too. You’ll also find …et la lumière fut shining on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Google 😉

Lights in France - new logo

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