Bubbles France

I’m not good at cleaning cars. More accurately I don’t enjoy cleaning cars. Fortunately, I now know a lady who does!

I was at a local networking event in January and got chatting to Liz. Liz was settling into the area and also in the process of setting up her new business – car valeting and so on. We exchanged details, as you do, but Liz didn’t have any business cards yet. She was waiting for her official SIRET number to come through before committing to official publicity.

Roll on a few weeks and I called Liz to come and clean my car. With 2 dogs and a rural lifestyle the car seriously deserved a treat. With the work required to get the ‘dog-bus’ looking vaguely as it should, a 2 hour visit became more like 5. Liz did an excellent job and very importantly, saved me doing something that’s really not my strong point.

It was a few weeks later that Liz called me about a website. We chatted about options for a starter budget and the domain name, and within a few weeks her single page website was ready to view. She was very keen on having a map to show the radius she works within, so a bit of extra coding was needed.

One thing missing though, a logo!  Liz had a very clear of the colour scheme and design she wanted though, and 2CVs are always fun to draw, so that helped speed things along.

So in just a few weeks Bubbles France was launched – Liz now has her business cards and there’s considerable local demand for her new service. It seems I’m not the only one who doesn’t like cleaning cars …😂


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