Languedoc After Lockdown

It's been an extraordinary few months. I watched spring, my favourite time of the year, pass-by mostly from inside the house or inside the car.

We are now in Phase II of deconfinement - a time when we return to a pre-lockdown life but in the knowledge the virus is still circulating. With restrictions lifting, the risks to our health may not be that much greater than they were in March, so we need to be a lot more vigilant when it comes to socialising and hygiene (the latter is not such a bad thing, me thinks).

Back to the point of this post ... it's all about Languedoc - the place I've called 'home' for over a decade and where my business has helped (and still helps) other businesses get themselves online, looking good and getting noticed.  Members of J2 and most people I work with locally are involved, directly or indirectly, with tourism. It's big news.

There are no two ways about it, from a marketing perspective it has been fairly challenging these past few months to know what to say in a time of crisis. To promote travel and tourism whilst non-essential travel was a legal offence didn't feel quite the thing.  For June, with a 'new-normal' on the horizon, the rest of the year looks a lot brighter, we can meet our friends, re-open our businesses and work together as we did before.

Wendy, at Maison du Coquelicot in Tourouzelle, had the genius idea to create a social media calendar for local hospitality businesses this month: to share information on social media, one day and topic at a time, to let the wider world that 'we' are still here and still in business.

I think it's a great initiative, hence the reason for sharing the info here. Wendy has given me her calendar to share with you below (click to enlarge and download), and if you would like to get on board do add your business link into the comment box at the bottom of this page so others can follow you too.

For my part, I'll share some posts for Sketch Languedoc, and I will repost/share your posts that I spot in my newsfeeds on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.   You might want to do the same, the more people spreading the word can only be a good thing.

A quick note about techie stuff

I have a love/loathe relationship with Instagram. I don't enjoy working from my phone (at all) so I generally use Facebook Creator Studio on my computer to create and schedule posts for Facebook and/or Instagram. Sharing on Facebook is a breeze but for Instagram I have to go back to the iphone (sigh) and any of the 'repost' apps available will usually do the trick.

If you are not a 'whiz' on Instagram then Honor Marks at Maison de la Roche gives 1:1 Instagram coaching to get you up and running - so do give her a call if you need any help!

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