Languedoc Jelly is ‘back’ – J2!!!

OK friends, so if you have never heard about Jelly then here’s a little recap …

Jelly events started in New York in 2006 when a couple of homeworkers realised that they missed the creative brainstorming, sharing, and camaraderie of a traditional office. You can read more here about how “Jelly” was born.

Languedoc Jelly Coworking 2012I started Languedoc Jelly in 2011. It is not an association, or a business, but events organised purely for the purpose of giving homeworkers a change of scene. Sometimes you just need to grab a coffee and chat with someone facing similar challenges to you, compare notes, work next to each other, or swap skills and ideas.

Anyone can organise a Jelly, and many people have (and do – Worldwide!).

Jelly is much more than a networking event. It’s about exchanging information, promoting what you offer, receiving help or advice from others, asking questions, discussing what you are working on – in a very informal and friendly environment.  * LUNCH * is often involved too … (hurrah!)

Genuinely productive things can result from these events. You might learn something new about marketing your business, meet an autoentrepreneur in the same line of work, get help with your paperwork or social media, find someone to work with or employ, or just meet a new circle of friends.

“Chances are, the people you meet at Jelly are in very similar circumstances to you”.

So what’s different about J2 and Jelly?

J2 is particularly positive for people working in rural areas where coworking spaces and networking opportunities are not so readily on offer.  And in our busy lives it’s not always easy [or possible] to meet face to face. J2 is an opportunity for people interested in the concept of collaboration to get together offline & online, to share useful links, ideas, ask questions, promote businesses, skills or information.

J2 will be “Go!” in Languedoc in November 2015 – the lovely Kate in Azille is opening her Salon de Thé and turning on the wifi (and the kettle) especially for our first event.

If you’re in business in France, I hope you’ll want to get involved.  Email me if you are in interested in setting-up an event or click below to join the Facebook group!

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