Facebook for Business (and lunch!)

Facebook for Business workshops LanguedocUsing Facebook to your advantage can be a constant challenge for the small business owner.

In France, Facebook can also prove to be a ‘lifeline’ for many expats, and there are dozens of Facebook groups helping people live in, work in, move to or, move away from France.  So using Facebook, or at least understanding Facebook to get the best of it in business terms, can prove invaluable.

I was recently approached by a Languedoc IT trainer, Natasha, asking if I would like to co-run a Facebook workshop for ladies in the local area.  Having run a trial workshop with friends, Natasha wanted input from someone with a more strategic approach to marketing.  Step forward me!

One of the ‘issues’ of living in France is that it is simply so vast.  Whilst nowhere looks far away on a map, this area is a wine-lovers paradise with vineyards as far as the eye can see.  It usually takes at least 30-minutes to drive anywhere ‘useful’.

Larger towns and cities provide great opportunities for business owners, but it is the rural spaces inbetween where the need for networking opportunities and business support really lie.  I live slap bang in the middle of one of those spaces, as do many of the people that belong to Facebook groups – where virtual connections often take the place of real ones.

So whilst we wanted to organise an event in Languedoc – the region covers 5 departments of France and one workshop in one place simply wouldn’t do.

So Natasha and I have arranged 3 events; in Pezenas, an ‘expat hub’ of Hérault, in a beautifully reconstructed Chateau (almost on the Aude/Hérault border and the Canal du Midi) and in a buzzing small town the Aude.  Each venue has wifi but limited spaces available, so we have arranged to
take booking via Eventbrite – you will find the latest details here www.libil.eventbrite.com

After each workshop we are also (naturellement!) having lunch – so anyone not particularly interested in Facebook can still come along and meet other ladies over a glass of something local in the sun.  I am really looking forward to it!  I will be able to meet some Facebook faces in person and from my experience with Jelly, there’s sure to be something new learned by all participants – me included!