The +Web thing

Someone recently asked why there isn’t much reference to my business services on this website.  So here’s a fairly quick summary…

I first adopted the name LaFranglaise in 2008.

In those early days of starting to build my business and the brave new world of LaFranglaise, became my ‘go to’ email address – it’s the one I gave to people looking for help with a website (and all things work related).  Working in English and in French – instantly stuck.

Over the years (I’m pleased to say), things on the web side of LaFranglaise life have continued to go from strength to strength. If I’m not busy building a website or two, I’m helping someone get their business image on the right track or managing the social media accounts for a business far far away (or much much closer to home come to that).

I must say, I really enjoy what I do; and given the time I dedicate to my work, it would be a sad state of affairs if I didn’t!  In terms of job satisfaction, the creative thinking and design work tick several boxes for me. Plus I get a huge kick out of seeing clients enjoy the results that my behind-the-screen role can bring.

Yes, my life in France has certainly evolved over the past few years.  It also became clear that when I’m not building a website, tweeting, hooting or buffering (online marketing terms don’t sound very glamorous do they?!), I’m still LaFranglaise.  Just with several other hats to wear …  amongst other things, I’m a dog wrangler, eccentric cook, unhelpful wine-critic, J2 organiser, occasional artist and cycling widow.

So, with all that was going on, I decided to create a separate web space for

LaFranglaiseWeb web design marketing for business FranceFor the moment, the +Web version summarises what I do, all in one place.  It’s a one-stop-shop window for the business services I provide. It’s also supported by my professional profiles elsewhere on the net, where there are several reviews from some of the people that I have had the pleasure of working with.  Those testimonials, I think, are just as useful as anything I could write myself (if not more).

But back to the point.

Inevitably, in the sphere of virtual visibility there is a lot of overlap between LaFranglaise and  LaFranglaiseWeb, but people looking for help with search engine optimisation probably don’t want to know where I went for dinner last night. (Well they might, but it’s highly unlikely to help them get found on page 1 of Google).

So this site is my personal blog space, a mish-mash of all things LaFranglaise and some work stuff thrown in on the side.

If you landed here expecting business advice then you may be disappointed (or pleasantly surprised).  And if my ramblings do inspire you to work with me, then I’m already intrigued and look forward to talking soon :-)

Until then, back to the food, the wine, and all things shabby chic …


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