Confessions of a sloppy blogger

Every few months I tell myself to practice what I preach and commit my own ramblings to the screen. I regularly blog for my clients, but writing my own personal articles always seems to fall off the list.

There have been a multitude of reasons for this, but it is definitely not for a lack of inspiration or imagination. I have notebooks full of random jottings, incidents, characters, news or visuals that come from a genuine desire to share a story floating around my head.

Then, just when Author mode strikes, some kind of interruption inevitably follows; the dogs need a walk, the phone rings, a website needs an urgent fix, there’s a meal to cook … and my jots – well, they remain just jots.

I don’t think this problem is mine alone. When talking ‘business blogs’ with clients I can almost hear an eyebrow raise, usually followed by an uncomfortable silence. And I sympathise, I sincerely do. Finding the motivation, the time and the content is not always as easy as you think.

This is how I justify my own (significant) lack of personal blogging …

Excuse #1 – I spend a large percentage of my week looking at one screen or another. Sourcing content and publishing articles is part of my job – the idea of doing a similar thing in my spare time is somewhat less appealing.

Excuse #2 – The Noise. I live in a whirlpool of social media where there’s enough ’data exchange’ to make you giddy and fall over sideways. I don’t want to add to it with a pile of uninteresting or repetitive blurb.

Excuse #3 – Who’s going to be reading this apart from me? I already know what I think! For every event or topic someone somewhere has almost certainly written about it before. My time is precious, is anyone actually going to notice if I blog or not …?


In the past few years I have been following a few interesting blogs, and I have finally reconsidered (and re-reconsidered) all my sloppy blogger excuses.

Conclusion: the only way I’ll know the answer to #3 is by overcoming #1 and then (in my own mind at least) #2 won’t be an issue.

So here I go. January may be ‘on trend’ for New Year resolutions but I believe you can start a new regime any time you like.

The challenge is set. I am going to be a better blogger. I won’t blog every day, but it will be more than once every 6 months …

Be prepared for random everything.

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